2013 Annual Conference



Date & Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm, Saturday, January 12th, 2013
 University of Utah Guest House, 110 South Fort Douglas Blvd,

Salt Lake City, Utah



·        Build relationships and exchange programs between China and United States in the areas of culture, science, technology, business, trade, education, and other exchange programs.

·        Promote traditional Chinese culture and local Chinese community activities to the general public in the United States.

·        Provide networking and collaboration opportunities among Chinese scholars and professionals in the United States.



Organization Committee


·          Co-Chairs: Le Wan, Jaimee Yang


·          Members: Geping Cheng, Lisa Cheng, Weili Cheng, Xiaoming Dong, Xiaoli Du, Chongwen Fan, Yuanzong Fu, Weimin Jiang, Zhe Leng, Mengyin Li, Bo Lu, Gary Pan, Wei Peng, Siu-lin Santee, Xiaoming Sheng, Rujie Sun, Gangqiang Wang, Yuesong Wang, Ge Wu, Wayne Xia, Hao Zhu


·          Advisors: Timothy B. Anderson, Densen Cao, Nam Chau, Lew Cramer, Woody Fang, Brett Heimburger, Taowen Le, Feng Liu, Paul Savage, Jin Wang

Conference Agenda

(Fort Douglas Ballroom)


5:00pm – 6:30pm Registration Open


5:45-6:30pm Socialization



6:30pm Opening Remarks

Introducing VIP Guests and Community Leaders

Le Wan, President, CAST-UT


6:35pm CAST-UT Annual Report

Jaimee Yang, Past-President, CAST-UT


6:45pm Guest Remarks





7:00pm Dinner

Conference Agenda



7:30pm Keynote Speech

Speaker: Dr. Huiying Wei, Professor, Weber State University

Title: Asian's political involvement and striving for their rights

Introduction: Lisa Cheng, former President, CAST-UT



8:00pm Presentation of Certificates

Le Wan, CAST-UT President


Lifetime Members

Maggie Wu

Presented by CAST-UT Past-President Jaimee Yang 


Presentation of “Dedication Award of Community Service

Hao Zhu

Presented by CAST-UT former president Wei Peng



8:30pm Closing Remarks

Le Wan, President, CAST-UT


8:35pm CAST-UT BOD Election Results

Victor Wang, VP of membership, CAST-UT


8:45pm CAST-UT Members Group Photo






Sponsors and Collaborators


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