The 2017 Utah Children’s Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibit

Inviting Submissions

Through Saturday January 14, 2016

At Salt Lake City Public Library – Children’s Library

The Utah Chinese Association of Sciences and Technology, Salt Lake City Public Library and the Confucius Institute at the University of Utah jointly hold the 2017 Utah Children’s Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibit from January 21 to February 24, 2017 at the Salt Lake City Public Library at 210 E. 400 S. SLC. Students from Age 5 to Age 17 can submit their original artwork on Chinese calligraphy or Chinese painting to Salt Lake City Library Children Section. All participating students will receive incentive materials for their future practice of Chinese calligraphy and painting.

Days to drop off student calligraphy or painting: Saturday Jan. 7 to Saturday Jan. 14, 5:00 PM

Opening reception and popular votes:                   Saturday Jan. 21, 2:00-4:00 PM

Awards announcement:                                               Saturday Jan. 28, 1:30-2:30 PM

Take home student calligraphy or painting:          Feb. 25 through March 3, 2017

Each submission must include the author’s name, age, county, and title of the artwork in English. All submitted artwork has to be ready for hanging on the wall, either in a frame or on a scroll.

The Exhibit winners will be decided by Popular Votes after the Opening Reception, which will be hold on January 21, 2017 2:00 PM in Salt Lake City Public Library at 210 E. 400 S. SLC. For more information, contact:




送交展品的时间和地点是:2017年1月14日星期六晚5点之前送交盐湖市公立图书馆儿童部(210 E.400 S. SLC).每幅作品必须有英文说明,包括作者的名字,年龄,所在县,和作品题目。 所交作品必须装裱妥当或装入镜框,并有便于悬挂的铁丝。

犹他儿童中国书画赛展将于1月21日周六下午2-4时举行开幕招待会和群众投票选优活动(Popular Vote)。欢迎所有参展学生和家长及公众参加群众选优活动。得奖者将被邀请在1月28日下午1-3时在盐湖市公立图书馆领奖。家长可在2月25至3月3日取回参赛作品。[联系地址]