Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Utah (CAST-UT) is one of the most active and influential Chinese organizations in Utah and has actively promoted US-China exchanges in areas such as biomedicine, medical hygiene, information technology, energy material, and environmental protection.  CAST-UT will hold its 2018 annual conference on Saturday, January 27, 2018 in the Fort Douglas Ballroom of the University of Utah Guest House (110 South, Fort Douglas Blvd., Building 801). The conference includes multiple parallel sessions in the afternoon and a banquet/plenary session in the evening.

The keynote speaker this year will be Dr. Peter J. Stang, a distinguished professor of chemistry at the University of Utah and a recipient of US President’s National Medal of Science, and a recipient of Chinese Government “Friendship Award” & “International Cooperation Award in Science and Technology”.  He has also served as editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society since 2002.

As in previous years, the 2018 CAST-UT Annual Conference will be issuing Outstanding Research Awards to qualified Chinese personnel.

Purpose of Award:  To honor potential students and scholars and reward their outstanding and insightful research and work in order to promote the passion of research; to support quality research as well as research-related startups established by Chinese students and scholars, with the aid of the impact of CAST-UT.

Application Eligibility and Requirements:

  1. All Chinese Utah residents, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, visiting scholars, and company employees, are eligible to apply.
  2. There is no restriction on disciplines of study or research.
  3. Applicants must submit (1) a brief introduction of themselves and (2) a summary of their research and research applications, which summary is to exceed no more than 2 pages and written in both English and Chinese (letter-size pages, double spaced, font size 11, Times New Roman font for English).
  4. Award recipients must present their work at the 2018 CAST-UT annual conference. Each presentation is to be within 10 minutes and is to be followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.
  5. Applications must be submitted to no later than January 15, 2018.

Application Evaluation: A specialized academic committee will be formed to review and evaluate applications and determine award recipients.  Recipients will be notified via email.

For more questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Chris Leng at


(2018 中国旅美科技协会年会之 “卓越研究奖”)

中国旅美科协犹他分会(CAST-UT,简称 “犹他旅美科协” )是犹他州最为活跃和具有影响力的华人组织之一,并一直致力于促进美国和中国在生物制药、医疗健康、信息技术、能源材料、以及环境保护等诸多领域进行交流。犹他旅美科协将于2018年1月27日(周六)在犹他大学迎宾楼道格拉斯堡宴会厅(Fort Douglas Ballroom, Guest House, 110 South, Fort Douglas Blvd, Building 801, University of Utah)举行2018年犹他旅美科协年度大会。本次会议将在当日下午开设不同主题内容的分会场(3:00 – 6:10 PM),晚间是全体会议和宴会时间(6:15 PM入场,6:30 PM 开始)。

今年科协年会的主讲嘉宾是来自于犹他大学化学系的杰出教授Dr. Peter J. Stang,他也是中国国际合作科技奖金获得者。他本人自2002年起就一直担任美国化学学会杂志的编辑至今。像以往一样,2018年中国旅美科协年度大会将会向优秀的犹他本地华人颁发 “卓越研究奖” 。

设奖目的: 向研究、工作的学生学者颁发荣誉和奖励,以此来促进犹他学生学者的研究热情,并以科协的影响力来帮助有心创业的人士走出第一步。


  1. 此奖项针对目前所有在犹他州生活的华人居民,包括本科生,博士级硕士研究生, 访问学者以及公司雇员。
  2. 此奖项应用于所有学科的研究。
  3. 申请者必须提交以下材料:(1)一份简历(2)一份申请者目前从事的研究以及研究申请的概要(不超过两页,双行距, 11 号字体, Times New Roman font)。
  4. 获奖人员需要在中国旅美科协犹他分会的2018年度大会,为年会听众报告他们的获奖研究。演讲时限为10分钟,以及5分钟的问答环节。
  5. 申请人需在 2018 年 1 月1 5 日之前提交申请,申请人可发信至 to ,我们收到申请后会发函和您确认,如没有收到确认函,请发信至上述电子邮箱确认。


如有问题,请联系Mr. Leng Jianwei <>