2013 CAST ad

Dear friends:

The 6th Annual convention of CAST-UT (Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Utah) is coming on January 12th, Saturday at Fort Douglas Ballroom of University Guest House in Salt Lake City, Utah. The annual convention is one of the most important events of CAST-UT and it has been pulling in more and more organizations, business associates and professionals in all areas. Attendees are from universities, enterprises, and governments of both U.S. and China. The keynote speaker will be Professor Huiying Wei-Arthus, from Weber State University. The topic will be “Asian’s political involvement and striving for their rights” (亚裔参政及争取自身权益). The guest speaker will be a representative from Chinese Embassy.

CAST-UT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting communication and mutual understanding between US and China. It also provides various services to the local Chinese communities in U.S.

Online Registration has now started, and the registration fee is half of that onsite. For more details please visit our website at www.castut.org. We look forward to seeing you at the conference on January 12th, 2013!


CAST-UT Conference Committee

Chair, Dr. Le Wan

Co-Chair, Dr. Jaimee Yang

年会网址 http://www.castut.org/events/2013_Annual/2013%20main.html